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Prescription Eye Wear

High-Quality Prescription Eye Wear Near Me

When you’re in the market for new prescription eye wear, you don’t have a lot of time to waste. If your current prescription leaves you straining to see, then you’re going to suffer from eye pain and constant headaches. The solution is to find a high-quality prescription eye wear near me, which is where Andrea Baker Optical comes into the picture.

Andrea Baker Optical is a local optician. Our founder, Dr. Baker came from The Center for Health and Vision and made it her life’s mission to deliver great optical services to the community.

We only stock high quality prescription eye wear, and we offer the best services for our clients. We understand how important a good pair of glasses is, so we strive to make sure we supply it. Even better, we don’t overcharge for our products or services.

This means you get a pair of glasses you can love without breaking the bank.

When you visit us, you’ll be treated like you’re part of the family. We love our loyal customers. If you’re a new customer, we’ll do everything in our power to welcome you. After you see the products and services we provide, you’ll become a loyal customer in no time.

Here at Andrea Baker Optical, we keep things simple. High-quality products, upper-echelon services, and low prices.

Andrea Baker Optical realized early on that our services will speak for themselves. We don’t use sales tricks or gimmicks to try to upsell you or get more money out of our customers. We rely on our incredible staff to keep the business running, and it’s been working so far.

Our staff is really knowledgeable in this space and we are all so passionate about the optical services we provide. You get more than just prescription eye wear when you shop with us. You get a talented optician who can troubleshoot any problems you have. You’ll be fit perfectly for your new prescription glasses and we’ll show you the styles and colors we have available for our glasses.

If you need to be fit for contacts, that’s not a problem either. With the rebates offered on some of our contacts, you might wind up saving even more money.

When the appointment is done, our personable receptionists will make sure you’re happy and see if you need anything else. They’ll schedule your next appointment and fill you in on any information that you need.

When you choose Andrea Baker Optical, you’re picking top-level talent. We love our clients and we want to welcome you to the family. For the best prescription eye wear near you, reach out to Andrea Baker Optical. Visit our site, visit us in person, or contact us today to learn more! We look forward to hearing from you.

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