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Progressive Lenses

What are Progressive Lenses?

If you’re new to the world of glasses or you’ve recently heard of progressive lenses, you deserve to learn a little more. Let’s take a closer look at what they are, and how Andrea Baker Optical can help you learn more.

The optical experts at Andrea Baker Optical explain that progressive lenses are a type of premium eye wear that helps wearers who need different prescriptions for different uses during the day. The glasses have a seamless transition from one prescription to another, all within the same lens.

The most common type of progressive lenses are bifocals. These look like normal glasses, but there is a little section towards the bottom of the lens that magnifies near-vision. This allows the user to look through this section to read fine print without having to swap to another pair of readers.

This magnified section is sometimes called “cheaters” or “readers”, and they can come in a variety of prescriptions. There’s sometimes an entire reflective coating that makes sure the lens transitions without a noticeable line.

You can even find progressive lenses with three different sections. One section helps with far distance work like driving, another helps with medium distance work like working on a computer, and the third section is for close-up work like reading.

The big selling point of this premium eye wear is it eliminates the need for carrying multiple prescription glasses and changing your glasses to change what you do. By wearing progressive lenses you just have to focus your vision through different parts of your glasses.

They take a little getting used to, but once you wear them for a while, you’ll save so much time and avoid a lot of headaches. Wearing the wrong prescription and trying to squint or strain to read puts a huge toll on your eyes and results in a headache. Using progressive lenses gets rid of this problem.

The thing to keep in mind is where you purchase your progressive lenses from. Some companies provide sub-par quality that results in a poor experience. Others will overcharge for the glasses, or the optician will improperly prescribe the glasses. You need to make sure you go to a professional optician like Andrea Baker Optical.

Andrea Baker Optical has progressive lenses, entire reflective coating, and a wide variety of premium eye wear. You can visit them online at any time and contact them for an appointment. Otherwise, you can stop by Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and talk with the experts. You’ll see the difference when you buy progressive lenses from the best.

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